Friday, May 9, 2008

Cottage Style Blogging

Well, it had to be done.
I started a private, social network for members to join if they want to be a part of that. It's actually a lot of fun.
This group is by invite only so you if you meet these requirements:
1. You are the author of a Cottage Style Blog
2. You are a member of the CSST
Then you may contact me ( sadie ) about joining and I will provide you with the invite.
You can either contact me by leaving a comment on this post or sending me a conversation through Etsy:
Right Here


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Featured Shop: Cape Cod Cupboard

Visiting the shop Cape Cod Cupboard is like a trip through time. If you're like me, you sometimes feel sad about all the wonderful treasures of the past being lost on a dusty shelf somewhere. Fear not! Artists like the owner of Cape Cod Cupboard, take these antique findings and recreate their original importance by adding them into new creations!
I was looking at her blog and I read this in the profile:
"My dream as a little girl on the South Shore of Boston was to someday get married and live on Cape Cod, in a Cape Cod style house with weathered shingles, and have lots of kids. I may have forgotten about that dream, but it didn't forget me... I live on Cape Cod... in a Cape Cod style home with weathered shingles... with my hubby and kids... and I'm very happy!"

Happiness is like a magic glue--it holds all the elements together and I can see happiness and hard work in all of Cape Cod Cupboard's finer details...
...stop by and visit!
~Sadie Lou

Monday, May 5, 2008

"A Cottage Style Bride" Gift Basket

Here's the idea Girls,
I would like for the team to generate some funds so that we can start buying some prime real estate in some popular magazines! In order to do this, I have hatched a two-fold marketing plan. This idea will both generate funds and exposure. I need volunteers!
We will be putting together some promotional packs with a theme.
Our first theme (since June is right around the corner) will be "A Cottage Style Bride". I need CSST members to sign up to make 10 items for the gift basket.
The 10 items must be Cottage Style.
They must all be the same thing.
They should be "for the bride"-- Think: jewelry, soap, lotions, stationary, thank you cards, decorations, candles, things for the home...whatever! We are a creative bunch so I know we'll be able to make an irresistable gift basket!
If you sign up to contribute, you will be sending me 10 items for 10 baskets--all the same.
You will also include 10 business cards with a description of the item you made for the basket, written on the back.
The business cards will be put in a pretty envelope and will be included in each gift basket.
My contribution (besides what I make) will be the gift basket and wrapping. If someone wants to volunteer to make a decoration for the gift basket--like a banner that says "For the Bride" or a ribbon & Flower accent--sign up to do that.
These baskets will go on Sale starting June 1st.
All contributions must be mailed to me by Monday, May 26th so that I can get the baskets together, photographed and listed by June 1st.
This is a great opportunity for your shop to get noticed and for our Team, as a whole, to generate some money for advertising!
Sign up soon so you have plenty of time to create!
Sadie Lou

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Congrats Autumn to May!

This listing from Autumn to May was on the front page this Sunday Morning.
Congratulations and Thank you for having a shout out to the Cottage Style Street Team in your shop's announcement!
~Sadie Lou

A Big, Important Post About Tagging

So in case you haven't seen the announcement on Flickr or the promo thread on Friday, we need to change our team's tag.
We are all so used to tagging with "CSST" and some of us have a lot of listings in our shops so this is going to be a small chore.
However, according to this Etsy article, it's pretty important that we change our team tag to "CSSTeam".

So let's get the change rolling this weekend. Alert your friends too because there is a limit to how many conversations I can send out before the spambot shuts me down.
Good Luck & Thanks!
~Sadie Lou