Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Good Morning! More GOODIES for you!!!

Good Morning Cottage Style Street Team!!! Well as you know the
race is ON!!! It is Wednesday morning and we all ready have over
700 POSTS!!! whohooooooooooooooooooooo...I for one can't wait
to see what happens! promised...some more goodies for
your viewing pleasure this is the second packet
of goodies that is being added to the grand prize (oh...there are
many more to come!!!) Today we have our our sweet and
fabulous friend to thank! She made one
of her famous little petite pots for us...but this was made with
YOU in mind! Just check it out "friends" how cute is this and
how thoughtful! Then there are two of her adorable little tea
tags (so much cuter in person!) Then I added some of pops satin
roses! I mean -- how fabulous is this! Enjoy my friends...more
to come on Friday!!! : ) Everyone...stop by
today and say hi and send her your heart!!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009


Good Morning Cottage Style Street Team!!!! Hope you all had
a wonderful Mothers Day and you are all ready to let the
race commence! The checkered Pink Flag has been raised and
now the finish line is one month away...but don't relax...
there will always be someone in back of you ready to take
the lead : ) I am going to be on the sidelines cheering you
on...where this leads is anyone's guess!

Everyone...PLEASE read the next Features our
Incredible Featured Member of the Week...! so don't forget to read ON!!!

The rules are simple. The race runs from May 11th 6:00 AM
EST to June 11th 6:00 AM EST. We will be keeping our same
forum for one month straight so we won't be changing every
week for now...we want that number to grow and get NOTICED
and I so know it will! Treasuries will certainly help you
cross that grand finish line...they are worth 30 posts!!!!
I am so happy to tell you that the Cottage Style Street Team
is getting noticed and sales have increased and that is
because number one...everything that you ladies do is
FABULOUS and also that you have all been working so hard to
get us out there and get noticed and it is working!!!! So
crack those knuckles and warm up those computer engines
because the race is on!!! At the finish line there is a
GRAND PRIZE awaiting the winner and there will be Second Place
and Third Place prizes also! The prizes will be revealed
slowly -- one every other day here on our blog so if you
haven't bookmarked this spot...please do! Hopefully
revealing them this way will build the excitement and of
course that means that anyone that wanted to send in a
goodie still has time!!! (andrea cammarata...10 Orchard

One more thing before i reveal the first part of the prize...
I want to personally thank each and everyone of you for
making The Cottage Style Street Team the best team ever.
Each one of you are special and such an asset but more
importantly what touches my heart is the selflessness of this
team...the willingness to always support your friends!!!
I applaud you for that and that is the KEY to this teams
success!!! In a world that loves the word is
such a ray of brilliant sunlight to be surrounded by so many
people that care about each other. I for one am thrilled
to call you my friends and I know that is the feeling
throughout our community! Now...let's make a BIG SPLASH
on the ETSY forums and show everyone what we are made of!
Let's set a record for the largest month post ever!!!!!
This is a race where EVERYONE WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
oh yes...i am sure some extra little perks will pop up!!!
Hugs to you all and much love and thanks for being YOU!

Let's raise the curtain on the first part of the grand
prize! FABULOUS creative supplies from our friend
Denise from (and all of
her other shoppes : ) Oh what goodies you can create
with these! We start with 3 1 ounce bottles (i love
the bottles...aren't they the coolest) of 7 Gypsies
color wash...Pastel Peach...Walnut Midnight... and
pastel yellow...GORGEOUS!!!! Then fabulous twisties,
an awesome french/english bracelet kit that everyone
is going to adore...then there is a package of
gorgeous tranparent buttons (skies the limit on
creating with these) then there is a primative
style wire hanger that you can hang an original
piece of your art cute! Also 4 wooden
heart hangers that are an open canvas to create with!
Then there are two adorable hanging hearts!!!!!
To sweeten this even further I am adding some pretty
millinery flowers and 3 4X4 mini canvases! Now
ladies...this is only the tip of the iceberg!!!!
Thank you so much as
always you are a golden asset to this team...we
love you and thank you for everything that you do
and this array of goodies is SENSATIONAL!!!!!
Stay tuned...Wednesday another reveal!!!!

Featured Seller: BrambleandVine

Well with all of the buzz about the BIG PINK RACE...Let
us not forget to celebrate our favorite Monday Event...
The featured seller of this week is our wonderful friend
Lora from

Lora is a fabulous supporter of the CSSTEAM and we all
want her to know how much she is appreciated! Always
in the forums promoting her fellow team mates and
chatting and sharing her adventures (most recently
Italy) with us. Her artwork is inspired by natural
surroundings, home, family and old books. Lora is
a freelance artist with much talent! One of her
specialties is digital artwork for crafters, scrappers
and card-makers. You can check her out at and her shoppe here on Etsy is
just divine! Ah yes...
recycle is a word that fits into her creations and
that is fabulous!

Come on over and say hi to Lora...check out her
glorious shoppe...say hi...send her your heart and
maybe leave her a little comment...I am sure she
would LOVE THAT!!! We all want to send her a hug
and much thanks and appreciation for being such a
terrific cottage friends!!!! hugs...pops and
all your cottage friends : )