Monday, August 10, 2009

Cottage Hits the Somerset Style!

A big hello to everyone! I hope you are all staying cool.
The heatwave is starting up again today so take care of
yourselves and stay hydrated! Well we had a good week
of promoing on our thread but alas Etsy is very slow
and I think that twitter being down a bit hurt here
and there. But now on the HIGHER end of life...the
holidays are on their way (could use some of that Fall
weather) are going back to school and all of
this means that Etsy sales will be up really soon so
keep on creating and coming up with marvelous artwork,
creative supplies, spectacular vintage and oh so
much more...I feel the sales fairy coming through the
air and about to land!

Oh we have some big news!!!! In lieu of our featured
seller of the week we are featuring three of our
family members... Tina from and
Diane from and
Tammy -- They are SOMERSET
STARS this month! Yes...two of our friends have been
featured in Somerset and oh how fabulous they look.
Cottage Style is getting more attention out there
ladies! How exciting is this! These lovely ladies deserve
every bit of their fame (hopefully fortune :) and we
all want to celebrate and congratulate them!

Stop by --
Send them your heart and send them a little comment
here...I know they would love that!

Another HUGE CONGRATULATIONS from the entire
Cottage Style Street Time FAMILY!!!! We are soooooo
happy for you both! Hugs from us all!!!!

Presenting and this AMAZING
Creation! A true work of ART!

Presenting and her precious
mini signs! Too CUTE!