Monday, September 1, 2008

Featured Seller: Valise Queen

We at the CSSTeam would love to introduce you to one of our
wonderful members: Her shoppe is filled
with sweet cottage treats and a ton of new whimsical creations.
Please stop by this week, pay her a visit, drop her a convo..say
hi and ENJOY!

Cheryl is truly a sweet person, as I have come to know via her
generosity to me and convo's we have shared on etsy. I hope
you will stop by and visit her shop today. She really has been
hard at work making darling new creations, I just love her new
wands. Cheryl also has adorable vintage finds: there is a lovely
little doll and figurine in her shoppe right now that have caught
my eye. For the make it yourself girls, Cheryl has you covered
too, her supply category is brimming with goodies. Go. Shop.