Thursday, May 15, 2008

Etsy's New Search Hurts!

In case you didn't know, Etsy changed their search.
Etsy Article

I quote...
Today, we launched some exciting changes to Etsy's search engine. These changes were requested by the community and we think they help improve the shopping experience on Etsy.

We've separated item search into three new searches: Handmade, Vintage, and Supplies. The default is Handmade, with Vintage and Supplies available in the drop-down. You can also select "All items" to search Handmade, Supplies, and Vintage all at once.

I'm thinking buyers are not going to realize there is a drop down menu. In fact. my own supply shop Nickel Candy has already felt the after burn of the new search.
I recently took all my listings out and I will be listing supplies in my handmade shop. I have spoken to a few supply sellers and the feedback is the same--this new search hurts!
Popalicious Too

Here are some tips on tagging that might help:

Tag every, single item with your shop name. Buyers can sometimes remember the name of the shop they bought something but they can't always remember to use the drop down menu in the search to choose "username". If you tag all your listings with your shop name, people can put that name in any of Etsy's search functions and find you.

Tag all your handmade items with the word "handmade" so they are sure to show up in the default search.

Remember to use the "All Items" when searching for CSSTeam listings. This searches everything: Supplies, Handmade & Vintage.

I hope all of this helps! Buy handmade and support our fellow members by buying supplies on Etsy?!!
~Sadie Lou

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Featured Shop: Little Things

Eunice runs a beautiful shop...

Her listings are always unique-always romantic-always an inspiration...
True to her shop's name, it's the Little Things that make Eunice's creations so magical.

You can also find Eunice on her blog. I love her profile...
"Seventeen years ago I started The Little Things , I was a single mom and it was the best way for me to work out of my home and be a mom ! I created many things , sold in stores all over the country and at shows! I have six grown children now ( six grandchildren also )! God is a very important part of my life , without His guidence, love , grace and mercy I dont know where I would be today ! I love exploring different mediums in art . I have always loved cast off's , junk ,paint, paper ,fabric ,beads the list goes on !"

One of *my* favorites...