Monday, March 9, 2009

Featured Seller: SimplyFrenchDesigns

Good morning Cottage Style Street Team...hope you
all had a fabulous weekend and enjoyed some of the
warmer weather that blew in for a few days. The
team listings look so beautiful and so SPRING TIME!
Love seeing the sweet Easter Treats and all the
pastels adorning the pages. Looking forward to
seeing more and more incredible creations from the
best team on ETSY : )

Today we are featuring someone that is no stranger
to any of us...Denise from
but this time wearing her
hat or should I say beret! She has this absolutely
delightful shoppe that is like a French Pastry shoppe
filled with delicate treats that will become the
muse to your art. You must drop by and take a peek!
You will say...oooooolala!

Denise is also one of the biggest supporters here
in the wonderful world of the Cottage Style Street
Team...she is always posting finding fabulous goodies!
Denise also shares all the information that she
finds out with us...the latest in Twitter...Etsy...
New Sites and so much more...a generous and giving
friend to us all. We want to let her know how much
she is appreciated and loved here. Hugs to you
Denise from us all!

Now...Denise wrote a little bit about why she
created and wanted to
share it with all of here it is in
Denise's own words : ) I am sure you will enjoy
this little piece of history, I know I did.

I am of French descent on both sides of my family
and as my grandmother use to point out - no one
"intermarried" until this generation. Both sides
of the family tree have been researched back to
the 1600's in Saint-Jean-de-Mortagne, Perche
(Normandy) France. My ancestors on my Dads side
- Our name was originally "Guyon" now Dion,
traveled from France to Quebec and were among
the original 43 settlers of Quebec. (We visited
there and there are parks and streets named after
my ancestors - which my sons thought was very cool)
My fathers parents were from Quebec. My mother was
raised with French as her first language at home
and the Catholic schools she attended. My father's
parents immersed themselves in the English language
and raised their children to be bi-lingual.
My parents spoke French to each other but we spoke
only English. So enough rambling. I have always been
fascinated with my culture and have collected
everything French (both old and new) for many years.
I just find it comforting in some weird way.

Please stop in and say hi to Denise I know she
will so love to see you! Hugs...pops!