Saturday, October 24, 2009

Featured Seller: SimpleJoysPaperie

Good Morning Cottage Style Street Team! I know I
have been absent from our fabulous blog for a bit
but as most of you know my mother in law Mary was
very ill with terminal brain cancer and was in
hospice care...she passed to the grand heavens this
week and may she rest in peace. My family and I thank you
for all of your love and are truly the
greatest...sending you all love and hugs. pops, family
and doxies : )

Now I am sure you are all ready to meet the Member
of the week!!! This is the first of many...we have
changed our style a little bit...thought you would like
to really get to know our members so this is a new
style of feature that I hope you enjoy. Drum Roll

Meet Lana from
Well Lana has been a member for awhile now and has been
stealing many a show with her front page exposure and
being featured in the gift guide and her beautiful
wreaths flash on the front page banner countless times
a day : ) We are all so happy for her. Her work is
fabulous...intricate and oh so original and unique. We
all have a love and admiration for vintage and what
she creates with those vintage pages is just amazing.
We also want to thank her for her support of our team.

Now let's get to know her a little bit better!
We will start with some favs!
What is your favorite movies:
Road to Avonlea, Cranford (Elizabeth Gaskell), North
and South, Wives and Daughters, The Jane Austen novel
movies, practially all period movies by Masterpiece
Theater and BBC.

what is your favorite tv show: Fringe

Favorite music:
Traditional gospel, contemporary Christian artists,
Enya,Celtic Woman

favorite colors:
white, cream, ivory, aqua, brown, coral

your favorite vintage piece:
a huge white ironstone pitcher I got for a song

do you have a pet? name? kind?
Are you ready?
Sam - Maine Coon mix from my Mom a few years before she
passed away
Scooter - abandoned kitten we took in
Samson – blind Pekingese my son brought home from a foster home
Snowflake – Mountain Fiest we got as a pup about 10 years ago
Smokey – TN walking horse
Pierre – Americana rooster
Colette – Americana hen
Buffy – buff orpington hen
Big Brown Girl – Colette & Pierre’s baby (now grown)
Bobbie Jo – barred rock hen (her sisters were Betty
Jo and Billie Jo)
Eowyn – white rock hen
Little Girls – 2 banty hens

How long have you been in business?
A little more than 10 years.

How long have you sold on line?
I think since 2003

What prompted you to sell online?
A friend had told me about eBay and a few Yahoo
craft groups and I decided to try those and reach a
broadercustomer base. Later, I discovered Etsy, too!

How many sites do you sell on?
1.etsy (2 shops:
2. my website (
3. Simply Primitives
4. TDIPT Mercantile (
5. The Eclectic Artisans

Do you sell off line in an antique or craft store? I currently
sell my handmade items at The Commissary in the historic
Victorian village of Rugby, TN (, and
in a gift shop in Oak Ridge, TN called The Ferrell Shop.
I also do one craft show each June. It’s the Lavender Festival
in Oak Ridge, TN.

Well I bet you know a lot more about our friend
Lana...I just noticed I forgot to as her her fav
food...i will have to add that later and if there
are other questions you would like asked to our
friends...just drop me a convo and it will be
added to our next feature : )

Hope you enjoyed and thank you so much Lana...this
was fun and we all send you hugs and wish you
all the best that life has to offer!

I am sure Lana would love to hear from you ...
drop her a little comment here : )

Here is the gorgeous shoppe and don't forget
to sheck out her other fabulous shoppe: