Sunday, November 8, 2009

Featured Seller: RoseRidgeCreations

Good Morning Cottage Style Street Team and HAPPY MONDAY!
Well I have been looking around at all the incredible listings
that we have from CSST and WOW and I impressed and we hit
OVER the 10,000 mark -- how great is that! We are making out
mark in the wonderful world of ETSY and I hope more and more
people begin to notice us...we sure do have style and talent
that is all I can say. I wish you all tons of sales and the

Well it is time for another Featured Member of the WEEK!!!!
Today we celebrate -- Oh what
a delightful shoppe she has! You have to take a peek and
send her your heart! RoseRidge is always busy promoting the
team and being a great friend to all! We so appreciate her
and everything that she does! Now as you know we started a
new format so we get to know our team mates a little bit better!
Well here in her own words is a insiders view!

And here's my story: My favorite food is anything that my
husband cooks. He's such a wonderful cook that I actually hate
to go to restaurants. My favorite color is green. It's the color
of nature and life. I love reality shows. Blame it on the voyeur
in me. I love to see how other people live. I love all kinds of
good music, but am really enjoying the new Barbara Streisand cd.
My favorite single of the moment is the Black Eyed Peas "Today's
Gonna Be a Good Day." It's such a positive song and it's
impossible to be in a bad mood when you hear it. My favorite
movies are City of Angels, An Affair to Remember and A Star
Is Born. Both versions of the last two. A good movie is a good
movie no matter when it's made. My favorite vintage piece is my
grandmother's wedding ring that I inherited when she passed on.
It makes me smile every time I look at it. She was a wonderful woman.
Everyone on Etsy knows my pet. She's the star of my shop.
Miss Bianca is the light of my life and I love spending everyday
with her. I rescued her from the wrong family that was giving
her away and she's loved me for it ever since. We recently
rescued a cat that was dropped in our neighborhood. She showed
up very sick and emaciated and she's the picture of health now.
The only problem is Miss Bianca doesn't like to share.
We're working on that. They're slowing warming up to one another.
If I were stranded on a desert island the five things I'd want
to have with me are these two little furry angels and my hubby,
my hubby, my hubby. If I have these guys I have everything.
I've been sewing for 37 years, but only charging for my creations
for the last year. About a year ago I started getting a strong
message from my employer that my job was in danger and I was
given my walking papers on March 4th of this year.
Very shortly after that I opened my Etsy shop and have been
loving the creative environment. Etsy has helped me make
lemonade out of the lemons that life has given me. I have
tried selling on other sites and there just isn't the same positive
environment that I've found on Etsy. I feel like this is exactly
what I'm supposed to be doing at exactly the right time in my
life. Thank you Etsy and all the wonderful and talented people
who buy and sell here!

Wasn't that FUN!!!! drop a little comment throughout the week!
CONGRATS and we all thank you for being our friend!!!! : )