Monday, July 27, 2009

Featured Seller:DishyVintage

Good Morning Cottage Style Street Team! Hope you all had
a wonderful week and weekend and ready for the new week
ahead! Not much to go over today except that we have a
new thread and I have to say that it is hopping for the
summer time which couldn't make me happier. Hopefully in
about another 2 months we will have a live chat happening
at least once a month and that is something fun to look
forward to also. For now...enjoy your Summer and work
on all of those holiday treats and we will be running
another CSST special come the fall...SUGGESTIONS are
always welcomed!!!! so email or convo or discuss on the
thread...we are a 100 percent open team here so go for it.

Well we have a new featured seller of the week today.
Drum roll is Alison from Alison is one of our newest
members and she has jumped right into our threads and
is getting to know everyone and that always makes us
happy...the door is always open to new friends and
family members here at CSST! Alison has an adorable's a source for vintage linens, trims and
lace, papercrafting supplies and paper ephemera,
delightful crafting kits, and vintage whimsy! She is
a stay at home mom with 2 girls which i have heard
have caught the crafting bug (LOVE IT!!!) Please
drop by ...say hi to Alison...
send her your heart and leave her a little comment
here...that is always fun for the featured member!
We want to welcome Alison into our family and let
her know how much we appreciate her...WELCOME!!!
sending you hugs from us all...pops and the
CSSTEAM family! : )