Monday, February 2, 2009

Featured Seller: StarryDeborah

Good Morning fellow Cottage Style Street Team
Members! Hope your weekend was is
now Monday and I am wishing you all a fabulous
week. We have a SPECIAL Featured Seller today...
she is a stranger to NO ONE...she is Deborah from
the one and only A
fabulous artist who creates unique, interesting,
breath-taking and original works of art. She
is a vintage mixed media artist with heart. Deborah
absolutely ADORES Paris and everything connected
with this remarkable city of France and her work
is influenced strongly by the romance that engulfs
this city of love. She has a love for Van Gogh
that echos in her creations. Please take a peek
at Debs shoppe you will
enjoy every moment you spend there.

Not only is Deborah an incredible artists she
is one of the most beloved members of the
Cottage Style Street Team. Starry is always
posting and participating in everything we
do. A support to each and every member
at all times! Deb is one of the pillars of the
team. We all want her to know how much she is
appreciated and loved! THANK YOU so much for
ALL that you do...we love you! Please drop
by and leave Starry a little note...she will
love that!