Monday, June 8, 2009

Home Stretch

Good Morning Cottage Style Street Team. I hope you all
had a great weekend. Well we are in the home stretch
of our great PINK RACE!!! It has been a lot of fun and
I really hope we make it to over 5000 posts for the month.
I think we have set out to be noticed and that is a
"mission...accomplished!" So many people have reported
increased sales and hearts and that is what we are all
looking for for ourselves and our friends. So hopefully
we will keep the pace regularly. We will now be going
to a monthly thread which seems to be the popular opinion.
I just think that this team has STEPPED UP with the
postings and then the TREASURIES have been absolutely
AMAZING!!!! the exposure from those beauties is extensive!
You are all so talented and special and we are all very
fortunate to have each other! Keep up the great work
girls!!!! Just wanted you all to know how much you are
appreciated by everyone!

Well of course we would like to see a RECORD week in
posting so the contest will officially close at 11:59
Friday June 12th. -- So you have 5 more days to make a
big help those fingers run...I have a few
more cottage carrots to dangle in front of you! As
far as second and third place -- i will post them later
I will be supplying the runners up with something

So crack those fingers -- grab a cup of something
delicious and PROMO like you never Promoed before!!!
Have fun and enjoy!

Here are some gorgeous items that can be yours...
First we have an amazing banner "DREAM" created by
our incredibly talented
Is this not beautiful! What a great addition to
ANY room this would be! If you haven't stopped by lately -- go see her
beautiful vintage tin creations...they just keep
getting more beautiful with every one!

Now we have an absolutely precious and delicate
handpainted Doily created by our
Oh the lovely creations that she comes up with and you
are going to adore this one! SOOOOOO much more pretty
in person! Please stop by her shop: and check out all of her wonderful
items and send her your heart : ) Thank you so much...

Our our dear friend has been up
to some very pretty creations that she is sharing with
us...Check out these fabulous cards all wrapped so
pretty...perfect for anything at anytime!!! It amazes
me every day how much talent is on this team! Please
take a moment and stop by and say hi
and send her your heart! Thank you so much!

Oh yes...we have yet another gem in our treasure chest
of jewels! has created some
picture perfect cards and an amazing bookmark for us! So
sweet and feminine they are!!! Please drop by her precious
shoppe and send her some Cottage
Style hugs...her creations are so gorgeous! Thank you so much!

Well my friends...there you have it!!! I will announce the
second and third place prizes in a few days!!! Now go out there
and type up a everyone who the Cottage Style
Street Team is : )...we are WONDERFUL!!!! I am honored and blessed
to count you amongst my family and friends. We are going to be
doing more events in the near future including Christmas in July.
We are also going to do shorter promo blitzes that benefit an
array of stay tuned!!! See you in the forums (etsy
is down for maintenance right see you in an hour or so!)
Our featured seller of the week will return next week!!!! Thank you
all for being you!!! hugs...pops and the cssteam family : )