Sunday, May 4, 2008

A Big, Important Post About Tagging

So in case you haven't seen the announcement on Flickr or the promo thread on Friday, we need to change our team's tag.
We are all so used to tagging with "CSST" and some of us have a lot of listings in our shops so this is going to be a small chore.
However, according to this Etsy article, it's pretty important that we change our team tag to "CSSTeam".

So let's get the change rolling this weekend. Alert your friends too because there is a limit to how many conversations I can send out before the spambot shuts me down.
Good Luck & Thanks!
~Sadie Lou


Tammy Gray said...

OK, I will get to it.

beth said...

thanks for the update i am going to be adding new stuff so i will change it on my listings and new ones too !!