Sunday, June 28, 2009

Featured Seller: SugarPinkBoutique and JennifersCozyCottage

Good Morning Cottage Style Street Team! Oh how I have missed you!
Hopefully I will be back in full force soon...I am getting there
and you will be hearing from me more now : ) We have had such
an exciting month! The Great Pink Race was a huge success! It
brought us tons of exposure and we all so need that in the
wonderful world of Etsy! It brought many of us more sales
and tons more hearts! Slowly but surely we are really making
a presence on Etsy...I mean we were on the Front Page...
HOW FABULOUS IS THAT! All of these exciting events add up
to nothing but GOOD things for our team and everyone on it!
I want to thank each and everyoneof you for all of your diligence,
hard work, love and sense of family and friendship!
You girls ROCK!!!! Remember 3rd week of this month we will be
celebrating Christmas in July! It willbe posted in the team
events and hopefully we will get more looks! On July 1st
we are going to switch forums (we are on a month schedule now)
I hate switching especially with a number thatexceeds 7000!!!!
Maybe we can up it!!! : ) Stay tuned for more news! is a feature that has been sorely missed! The
featured seller of the week! This week I am happy to shine
the spotlight on one of our newest members Jennifer of and!
You must go visit her shoppes and send her your heart. You
are going to adore the goodies that she has tucked inside
these two precious stores. All things pretty is what
they are.

Jen has jumped right into our family and is loved by all.
Always there to lend a helping hand and if kind and friendly
to all! A real cottage girl for sure! We at CSSTEAM want
her to know how much we love her and appreciate her!
Applause! : )

Jen started her paper business with a dear friend also named
Jen. They both adore paper and paper crafts and thought
it was a wonderful idea and indeed it was!

Jen loves designing and decorating homes and crafting with
fabrics and paper. Well Jen is a complete and utter delight
and we are happy to have her in our family! So take
a peek into Jen's world and leave her a comment...I
know she would love that!

What a fabulous united group this is and it is because each
and everyone of you is well...FABULOUS!!! hugs and
enjoy...pops! ps...i thank you all for your love and support!!!!
thank you!