Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Featured Seller: Tiedupmemories

It's that time again everyone! Indroducing this weeks
Featured Seller: Tracy from Tiedupmemories.etsy.com
Well this fine lady is special to us all...she is always
happy...friendly and thoughtful...posting her little
heart away on the forums each and remembering us all...
we want her to know how much she is appreciated...so
from everyone...thank you so much.

Tiedupmemories.etsy.com is filled with such wonderful
cottage treasures. Tracy creates beautiful and unique
jewelry from vintage pieces...she reinvents them and
WOW the results are outstanding! From necklaces...to
earrings...to bracelets...she does it all with flair.

Tracy also makes lovely tags, paper posies and oh so
much more. A true talent and we are honored to have
her as a part of the Cssteam Family! Please take a
moment out of your busy day and drop a little message
here for her....I know she would appreciate that.
Once again...thank you for all you do! Take a peek
into the world of tiedupmemories.etsy.com ... you will
be glad you did! hugs...pops