Monday, July 13, 2009

Featured Seller: AVintageObsession

Good Morning Cottage Style Street Team! I hope you
has a FABULOUS weekend. Can you believe that we
are in the middle of July all ready? Do you
hear sleigh bells ringing? That can only
mean one thing...Christmas in JULY is here! I know
that many of you have been busy creating like little
elves...listing and tagging for the event and I for
one am very excited to see what you have come up
with. For those of you that do not know exactly what
to do it is very simple. You have to tag all of
your special Holiday wares with Cssteam of course
and then another tag Christmas in July and if you
would like to add a third it would be CIJ. Many
other fellow etsians have also joined in the
spirit of the holidays are are celebrating just
like we are and some are using CIJ so if you would
like it is probably not a bad idea for a little
extra exposure but if not...NO problem you will be
found. I will be popping into the "team" forum
today to make our announcement and please drop by
there and add a link to your shoppe and of course
promote other members. It is very difficult to
keep two threads alive i know but maybe we can
give it a try...the more exposure the better. I
will post the link to the new thread in our
present forum (in a little while...etsy is down
for maintenance.) Well the easy part is done
all the creating and we have to
promote and hopefully sell your beautiful items.
I know it seems like there should be more fanfair
but in the world of the wonderful web we have
to make our own bells and whistles : ) so the
bells are ringing and the whistles are blowing
and let's try to keep them making noise through
out the 2 weeks! Here's wishing you all the
best and tons and tons of sales!!!! I know I
will be promoting you all right and left...why?
Because you are the GREATEST most wonderful
group of giving...caring...interesting...
loving ladies I have ever had the pleasure
to be around! A true family of friends!

Now for the moment we all wait for each week
our Featured Seller!!!!! Congratulations
to Lenore (don't you hear Poe's Raven being
recited in your mind : ) Lenore runs the most
delightful shoppe here on etsy... you must stop by
and check out the most gorgeous vintage items,
tiny teddy bears to antique pocket watches that
are amazing and so many treasures in between!
Lenore is a complete and utter delight,
always has interesting and very educational
conversations on our forums (genealogy being
her favorite : ) and then she is always busy
chatting with her fellow Cottage family and
PROMOTING her little fingers to support
everyone here in the magical land of Cottage.
A complete and utter delight and a fabulous
addition to our team for sure and we are
all thrilled to have her here with us!
Please drop by her FABULOUS shoppe throughout
the week...check it out...send her your
heart if you all ready haven't and leave her
a little comment...I know she would love that!
Thank you Lenore for all the you do for
your family here on etsy...we appreciate and
love you very much! Applause!!!! hugs pops
and your whole cottage style family : ) is