Friday, August 8, 2008

Thank you SadieLouWho

Dropping in to say hello to everyone in this fabulous team. Hope all
is well with everyone. I want to thank Sadielouwho for all of her
hard work and dedication to this group. We will miss you but we all
wish you tons of success in your new venture: Lollishops. I am sure
it is going to be fabulous! It is certainly not good-bye, we know
where you are and so many of us will be joining you in your new
venture. We are sending you a group (((((HUG)))))! Thank you!

I also want to thank all of our members for your dedication and help.
I am new at this end of the world and it is great to have the support
you are all generously offering. The blog will be updated regularly
in just a little check back next week for more news!

Take care everyone! Hugs to all...pops