Friday, June 13, 2008

Featured Seller: The Pink Tulip

Two words:
Spun Cotton

I never knew I loved spun cotton until I found The Pink Tulip.
This piece is totally amazing:

Maryanne's profile reads:
"I taught myself to knit, crochet, and sew by the time I was eighteen years old. I've been gardening since about eleven years old. Flowers and sewing are my favorite things !!! With sewing I love to mix antique or vintage fabric, buttons, anything old with new. And I enjoy making my own patterns. "

I am so captured by Maryanne's little world; her magical creations. Stop in and see for yourself!
Sadie Lou

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Silver Bella 2008

If you haven't heard of Silver Bella before this year, you will never forget it after this year!
I first discovered Silver Bella last year when all of the sudden, all of my favorite Flickr contacts were talking about this event in November that they were all attending.
Look at pictures from last year's event HERE
So what is it? A Paper Arts Event Hosted by Teresa McFayden

Where is it? Omaha, Nebraska Brrrrrr!

When is it? November 11th-13th, 2008
Just because I am a total cheerleader at heart sometimes, I am going to post last year's who's who list of people that attended, instructed and set up vendor booths:
Here is a Who's Who List of the Vendors and Artisans:

* Hodge Podge by Amanda
* Cheryl Strait
* Tony Pastory
* Poppy Ink
* Beth Quinn
* Manto Fev
* Princess Lazertron/Megan Hunt
* Frost Creek Charms
* Present Past Collection/Heather Bullard
* Candace Carpenter
* Olive Juice
* Tammy Gilley
* My Favorite Things/Melissa Danner
* Doojes/Stephanie Hirschberg
* Inspire Company
* Kathy Jacobsen
* Little Melfie
* Paper Relics
* Raised in Cotton
* The Red Door Studio
* Marilyn Nouvelle
* Stephanie Rojas
* Charm School Jewels
* Speckled Egg
* Debby Schuh
* The Vintage workshop
* Missalayneeah
* Colleen Moody
* Becky Sherwood
* Cari Kraft
* Dede Warren
* Susan Jacoby Designs
* Vintage Diva/Kelly Jacobs
* Lulubellas
* Rebecca Sower
* Charlotte Lyons
* Teresa McFayden
* Carolyn Peeler
* Corrine Ayers
* Pam Garrison
* Sis Boom/Jennifer Paganelli
* Everyday is a Holiday/Jennifer Heid & Aaron Neiradka

Have you noticed that SEVERAL of our fellow team members are on that list?? What a great way to get to meet one another and do what we love--which is oggle each other's creations! I felt so out of the loop last year that I am going to make a serious effort to go this year, if my finances are in order.
Anyhoo, check out some of the links I provided and feast your eyes on the best Paper Event all year!!
Sadie Lou