Monday, February 9, 2009

Featured Seller: Southern Ladys Vintage

Good Morning Cottage Style Street Team!!!! A New Week
is upon us and here's hoping that it is picture
perfect one for each and everyone of you! Love is in
the air for the 14th is around the corner. Now how do
we celebrate the new week here at CSSTeam...well with
a new Featured Seller of the Week of course! Today
we have the fabulous
but we can call her Barbara for short. What an
absolute delight she is. She is a team cheerleader...
always posting...always supporting others...always
there for everyone! Lending a hand to newbies with
their blogs...offering suggestions...a treasure
trove of southern they say down
south "bless her heart". She puts a glow on our
team and we all want her to know how much we
truly appreciate her kindness.

Not only is Barbara a precious cottage star
shining in all her glitter she is a fantastic
artist. Her creations are just over the top
wonderful in every way. A true cottage style
surrounds everything she does. Barbs "eclectic"
shoppe is filled with vintage goodies...handpainted
creations...gorgeous tags and oh so much more so
please take a peek into her world... you will be so glad
you did and also drop by here and leave her a
little note...she will so love that! So once
again Barb...THANK YOU from the whole Cottage
Style Street Team...we love you! hugs...pops