Monday, February 23, 2009

Featured Seller: SugaredSongBird

Good Morning Cottage Style Street Team Members! Hope
your weekend was a wonderful one. Well that Spring
season is approaching rapidly...Wednesday starts the
40 day count down to the Easter Season so I think we
are going to start seeing many more little cotton-
tails popping up in the CSSTeam listings. Looking
forward to seeing all of your creations and wishing
you nothing but the best!

Well it is time for the Featured Seller of the Week
and today we have a relative newbie...Jen from the one with the
gorgeous avatar! She has jumped into our forums
with both feet and is a fabulous addition to our
outstanding team. Jen is a cheerleader and a
dedicated supporter of everyone and it is so
appreciated...we want you to know that we enjoy
having you in our little Cottage corner of the
world and we are grateful for all that you do to
promote us all.

Jen's shoppe is filled with such delicious goodness.
Supplies that are heartfelt...imaginative and just
plain gorgeous! You must take a peek and I am sure
you will agree!

Jen is a paper artist and in her own words she says
that she has expanding interests...loves learning
new techniques and yes...she has discovered GLITTER
and all its wonders!!!! Please drop by and say hi
to Jen...send her your heart and a little comment...
I am sure she would adore that. Also...stop by her

Jen...we are so happy to have you with us and we
are all sending you hugs...pops!