Saturday, June 28, 2008

Featured Seller: Little Pink Studio

Nobody packages quite like Cerri of Little Pink Studio. I am one of those consumers that is all about the packaging. An example would be my make up--I will buy anything that BeneFit puts out because of the Retro Packaging. They know who their target audience is and they design their look around it. It's just smart business.
Cerri knows what I'm talking about! Not only is Cerri a great seller of beautifully packaged supplies but she's a talented artist too!
You can visit her Flickr to see photographs of her lovely creations and you can also visit her Blog to see shop updates and posts about Cerri's life.
Cerri just launched her new baby into the World Wide Web and she did an amazing job! Here's the link!
Little Pink Studio


Alisa said...

A wonderful shoppe and her new one is just as great, if not better! Congrats Cerri!

Also, I'm having a giveaway at my blog

Lori said...

Little Pink Studio is one of my etsy favs!!! Cerri really puts a lot of thought and care into everything she makes and her packaging is exquisite!!!