Monday, June 30, 2008

CSST Bridal Gift Baskets Featured Here:

Our friend at the Vintage Kitchen on Etsy, recently asked if she could post an article about our Gift Baskets on the Vintage Indie Wedding Guide.
How very thoughtful. The Indie Wedding Blog is also very cool. Take a look around while you're there.
~Sadie Lou


Alisa said...

That is so awesome Sadie! I bet they sell out now!

Adeline Country Cottage said...

Hi Sadie, yes Alisa is right they will go quick, Hee, Hee.
Ok that's fantastic I can send the basket off to add to my review, In the Country Home Ideas Magazine, so yes if you can put them on stand by for me that will be great! also would you mind if I can copy and paste one image and the content basket list, so I can send it to Vicki at CHI's so she can see a brif idea what is in the basket, which she has requested from me, I'm having trouble at the moment uploading hoo, I feel hopeless with out my upload, haven't been able to blog with new images to my shop. I have to say Sadie I think I've spent about an hour on your blog reading and visiting other ladies listed here before typing too you and the time now here is 5:50 in the morning, yes I know couldn't sleep had your baskets in my mine along with everything else. Now to Country Home Ideas Magazine this mag comes out every mth and one year book at the end of the year, If you go to my blog you see In my post the mag there also you can go onto the website, actually I have one of my reviews on there under Wish the web address is
so you can have a look what type of mag, sort of like Romantic Homes but alittle/alot more modern, anyway my dear I starting to get alittle sleepy so I best go a cat nap before my little ones wake up.

Oh PS: Once it goes in the mag I'll see how many copys I can get to post them out to you, for the other lady's.

Adeline Country Cottage said...

Oh sorry Sadie,
quick question do you know where I can buy different colourway of that beautiful seam binding, it's on the little glitter box in the basket you sent me, your seam binding is different to ours it looks more like ribbon, I was wanting them in the roll or how do they come? and I need them in the pale colourway of pale pink, blue, green, aqua, white, cream and butter gold, if you could tell me where I could get this from or know of someone who sells them that would be fantastic.


Whim & Fancy Designs said...

Sadie! That's spectacular!!!I'l have to take a peek! Hope all is well with you!
~Hugs and happy 4th!