Monday, May 19, 2008

Gorgeous Cottage Style Treasury!

Click Here to visit this gorgeous treasury. It expires in one day so make sure you 'click' 'click'!!
I don't think one of our Cottage Style treasuries has made the front page--but we'll get there soon enough!!
Here are some quick tips on how to score a treasury:

1) Click on Treasury from the home page
2) Notice the number of lists--count backwards from that number until 333 (that's when the new treasury opens)
3) When the lists tick down to 333-stay on that first page. DO NOT REFRESH!
4) Some lists will start to expire but the number of lists don't change--just be patient! Don't leave that first page. You can click back and forth between pages to watch the minutes tick down on that 333 Treasury
5) Have the title of your list ready to go! Copy and Paste it into the Title Box and hit "CREATE"
Yay! You got one! Make sure you don't put yourself in the treasury--that's considered taboo by Etsy admins and they won't choose your list for the Home Page

Good Luck!
This Treasury was created by Chloe Rose
Thanks Chloe!


Lori said...

huh? well, LOL, i never tried to get one before, i am sure this makes more sense when you are on the site! great treasury!!!

Anonymous said...

So inspiring! Thank You Chloe!