Thursday, May 22, 2008

Featured Seller: Raquel Castillo

I saw one of Raquel's necklaces in a treasury. I was hooked instantly! I clicked on the listing and then the shop and each creation was as delicious as the last.
When I look at this SHOP as a whole, each listing compliments the next one and they all have this very vintage-inspired feeling--like someone has gone through the estate of a classy lady, chosen her best pieces and revamped them for the 21st century.
The jewelry has a modern design but crafted with special attention to the vintage elements involved.
Just like many of us, Raquel is a stay at home Mom raising two young boys. Her profile states quite plainly,
"I spend most of my time raising my two boys, Mathew (5) and Luke (1). I love to sew, draw, and make anything possible with my hands...

I think you would agree that this shop ties in nicely with the Cottage Style we all love and cherish--Vintage, Romantic and sweetly composed with a delicate color palate-Raquel's creations are something to admire!
Take some time to welcome Raquel to the team! She doesn't have a blog yet but she aspires to do so in the future!
~Sadie Lou


Lori said...

i agree Sadie Lou, her creations are totally gorgeous!!!

Moondrops said...

Hello! I am in love with all of the vintage style creations you guys are producing. I am also a store owner in Charleston, SC. How can I found out which artisans wholesale their goods. I would love to put these types of things in my store.

I read so many blogs and can never tell who wholesales. I wish there was a collective list of artisans somewhere for B&M owners like me. It would make supporting handmade so much easier!

If anyone wants to contact me:

moondrops gift shop @ gmail . com

Just remove all the spaces....Thanks!

heidi said...

love her aesthetic, very feminine ~ just beautiful!

Couture de Papier said...

Just love this jewelry the pink ones are precious!