Monday, May 25, 2009


Well GOOD MORNING Cottage Style Street Team! A very happy
Memorial Day to you all. Hope you are enjoying your
weekend with friends and family. Today kicks off the
start of the 3rd week of the Great Pink Race and may I is anyone's race!!! The posting have been
fabulous and everyone is getting to know each other so
much better...everyone is winning here! make the race a bit more get to
take a peek at more fabulous items that are in the
grand prize!!! You are going to love each and every
wonderful creation. Then there will be more to come
help bring those joggers HOME!!!! Also there will be
a second and third prize!!! So tie those pink converse
sneakers up tight and start running!

On a serious note :) the constant posting has been
helping sales of many of our friends here at the
Cottage Style Street Team. You (as I did) might sit
in front of your screen and say..."Am I doing anything this making a a waste of I going out to dead air?????" come on you
all have said it including I can honestly
say YES it does make a difference and the difference
is exposure and familiarity! So exercise those fingers
and have fun...get to know your team mates and expose
the etsy buying world to the greatest team out there
with the most incredible treasures!!!!

Some more things to look forward to here in the
wonderful world of CSSTEAM is CHRISTMAS IN JULY!!!
So get that snow glitter out and create some seasonal
delights to WOW the world with! A preview of our
favorite season! We will be running our Christmas
in July the third week of the month!

There will be a lot more NEW coming CSSTEAM's way
so stay tuned because your input and help is needed
and VALUED!!!!!

We will resume our Member of the week in another
week...just didn't want to over shadow the person
with all of this : )

Now...for some GOODIES!!!!

Look at this fabulous Handmade Fabric Pin in such a
GLORIOUS COLOR and this beauty comes to you from Isn't this AMAZING!!!! and
it can be yours! Check out the entire ETSY shoppe... you will have so much fun and
if you haven't done it all ready...share your heart!

Well...there is more!!!! Beauties from
Check out these incredible cards and BEAUTIFUL button VIVA ITALIA!!
How sweet are these? and once again they can be in your collection!
Please drop by BrambleandVine.etsy.comand ENJOY!!!!
and share your heart!!!!

Now check out this oh so sweet Heart that was hand made
with love by! Oh the fabulous little
vintage buttons so carefully sewn on the luscious vintage
fabric ready to hang in that special spot in your home!
All wrapped up pretty just for you! Drop by an experience
the wonderful world of and send her
your heart!

OH... LOOKIE HERE!!!! has created this
unique and may I say eye dazzling Pear creation for you!
It is much more fabulous in PERSON!!!! Soft and delicate
and created with love and precision! Oh this pear is ripe
and ready to adorn your home! Please drop by this sweet
sweet and send them your heart!

Ok...what do you think! INCREDIBLE RIGHT!!!!! and YES
there is stay tuned! Hope this sweetens the
pot and gets those little fingers exercising in the Pink
Gym of Life (the forums!) I thank all of these loving
team members that have sent in their goodies! What a treat
to have them in my hands if only for a fleeting moment! : )
Much love to you all! Please drop by all the shoppes and
remember that TUESDAYS are HAVE A HEART DAY here at CSSTEAM...
a time to go find a Cssteam member that you haven't shared
your heart with and spread the love! You are all so fabulous
and I want to thank you all for being PICTURE PERFECT!!!
Enjoy the day and I shall see you in the forums! hugs...pops


Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Oh my gosh!!! I can't believe how wonderful all of these goodies are!! Wonderful!!

Brenda of JoyAnna said...

A feast for the eyes this morning - Memorial Day. All the items are so lovely (even ours!) and I believe that whoever gets them will be very pleased they hung in there and kept posting enough to win the Great Pink Race!
I would like to say "Thank You" to everyone on this talented team, you are like friends and I am very pleased to have met you!
Brenda & Kristi of JoyAnna

Lana said...

Lovely items! I just joined the group and am honored to be in such wonderfully talented company.

corrie from enfantjoli said...

Corrie from Enfantjoli agrees with the above much talent and creativity. CSSTeam members definitely are not letting dust settle under their feet!! but isn't it wonderful to have the ability and time to do these things..much to be grateful for. and also, pops,for so much effort she puts in.

Cottage In The Sun said...

Oh, everything is so pretty! We have such fabulous artists here on the CSSTeam!!

starrynightimpressions said...

Oh my goodness, whoever wins this fabulous basket is going to need a fainting couch!!!!

Anonymous said...

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