Monday, May 4, 2009

Featured Seller: YappsCottageDecor

Good Morning Cottage Style Street Team! Hope
you are well this wet and chilly morning here
in New Jersey. We had another wonderful week
of fabulous posting and tons of outstanding
treasuries. The CSSTEAM is really getting out
there and we are being seen by the ETSY
community. Many of our members have reported
increased sales and many others have been
knocking on our door for membership! So we
are doing something right!!!! I just want to
take this time to thank ALL of you for posting,
creating mini works of art with your treasuries,
tagging all your items, displaying our logo
(we will be updating that stay tuned)
for spreading the word and representing us with
the finest products out there! When people
think of the CSSTEAM they just don't think PINK
any more...they thing QUALITY! ORIGINALITY,
and yes... Pink and roses fit in there too : )
I am applauding you all!!!! You are just the

Well the time is nearing!!! Next Monday Morning
kicks off our month of the FIRST CSSTEAM
posting Marathon!!!! So get those cups of coffee
and tea ready...put on your most comfy slippers
and pj's on, crack those fingers and warm up for
the GREAT PINK RACE!!!! More info to follow...
but the checker flag goes off at 6:00 am EST
next Monday! and then the finish line will be
crossed on June 11th at 6:00 AM EST...This is
a race that anyone can win and everyone has an
equal can make a race for it out of
the box or run a steady course and go wild at
the is up to you but one way or another
it is going to be FUN!!!! always...we introduce our Cottage
Style Street Team Featured Member of the Week.
Today we would like to celebrate Lora from Lora is a pure
delight and a wonderful member of our great
team! She is attentive to others words and
always there to lend a suggestion and to lend
a support to our team! We want her to know
that she is appreciated and a valued member
of our family here in the world of CSSTEAM!
Thank you lora for everything!

Lora works from home and is also a mom and a she has three full time jobs : ) as
many of us do! She runs a delightful shoppe
that is filled with hand made bath and body
products. She has done extensive reasearch
on her products creating a delicate blend
that benefits the skin and is delightful to
the scent. All of her products have been
tested on herself, family and friends...oh
how pops loves to see NO ANIMAL TESTING...
applause for you LORA!!! : ) Her soaps are
skin safe and hypo allergenic...they are also
Non-Comedogenic which means they do not clog
pores. Lora also runs two other shoppes: and
so come on and visit her this week...send
her your heart and drop her a little comment
here...she would love that!

Thank you Lora for being you!!!! ENJOY the
week everyone...see you in the forums and
get ready for the race!!! remember... i
have been scratched : ) lol!


Denise said...

Very pretty shop with wonderful variety!
congrats on your feature Lora.

Mrs.Kwitty said...

I just love how she packages her soaps...absolutely gorgeous!! A lovely shop.
Smiles, Karen

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Congratulations to Lora!! I agree with Mrs.Kwitty!! Her packaging is a beautiful presentation of her soaps. Thanks you Lora for all you do for our team!

Artfully Yours said...

Lora! Congrats on being featured member of the week! I love all the beautiful things in your shoppe! I can almost smell the scents through the computer!

Cottage In The Sun said...

Oh, I just love her shop and she is so sweet, too! Congratulations on being the featured seller!

Jennie said...

Yay for Lora! Lovely feature, Pops, and a most deserving member. I love all of Lora's packaging & I WILL be the owner of some of her soaps one day soon :)

starrynightimpressions said...

Yeah for Lora!!!
I love her shop and the whipped soaps just look sooo yummy!

The Chateau of Remnants said...

Hello, am a part of the street team? But my blog isn't listed :( or am


yippeevintage said...

Congrats on your feature, Lora :) I agree... your packaging is fabulous and your scent list is amazing! I love that you offer personalized labels too... a fantastic idea for favors and gifts!

All the best to a wonderful cssteam member, Angela :)

Brenda of JoyAnna said...

Hi Lora,
Congratulations on being the cssteam featured saller this week. I, too love the way you package your soaps and if they smell as good as they look they must be very very special. I did not know you had 2 other shops - I am off to check them out!

The Decorated House said...

Congrats on being a featured shop!