Monday, March 30, 2009


Good Morning Cottage Style Street Team. Hope you
had a wonderful weekend and are all set for the
fabulous week ahead of us. Well not only do we
have an outstanding Feature Member of the Week we
also have some CSSTEAM news. As many of you know
by reading our forums our very own has a SENSATIONAL idea on
how to get more posts and more exposure for our
team. She thought that having a CSSTEAM give-
away basket for the highest poster would be great
and so many of us totally agree... so that is what
we are going to do. Right now we are in
stage 1...collecting little gifts throughout our
team. You can donate anything that you like...
nothing is too small or too large...anything
that you feel as though would be fun for a
fellow member...there are no restrictions...just
something that would be enjoyable and that would
be just about everything that you creative
ladies do. Supplies are also soooooo welcome!!!
We are going to have them shipped to my home
and I will create a basket...depending on how
many goodies we get will depend if there is a
second and third place prize also : ) So ANYONE
that would like to participate...please send your
donation to:

Andrea Cammarata
10 Orchard Place
Wayne, NJ 07470

We will be collecting the entire month of April
and then the contest starts on May 1st and runs
straight through the whole month : ) Just to
let you all know we might need a TIE-BREAKER
so what we will do in that case is take the
high poster for April and add that to the
scores to break the tie so posting for the next
2 months is crucial : ) No one is a looser
because it gives everyone great exposure.

One other little idea is tagged to this one...
I would LOVE LOVE LOVE it for anyone that is
sending a donation to this event to send a
little I LOVE ETSY item...a button...a tag...
a barrette...a card...ANYTHING that you feel
like creating!!! and add that to the package...
my idea here is to collect all of these litte
I love Etsy items...create a fun basket and
PHYSICALLY bring it to our friends at ETSY
in Brooklyn NY on open day Mondays!!! I
really want to promote our team and I
thought that would be a really FUN way to do
it. It does not have to be big...just
something fun that reflects our love for
ETSY! Remember...none of these items are
going to be for sale...they are totally
going to be used as a gift to ETSY and our
give-away baskets for the HIGHEST posts in
our team. I personally can't wait to see
what will be coming in...only 1 item and
it is TOTALLY YOUR CHOICE!!!! remember to
tag your item with your stores name and
of course your name. I am hoping maybe
we might be able to do a storque article
when it is all done : )

If you have any questions...just convo me
at or I will be happy to
fill in any of the blanks for you!
Oh I said in the posts...I am
taking myself out of this contest : )

ENJOY and hope to hear from you all soon!


Cottage In The Sun said...

Sounds like fun! I'm in!

Arena Josephina said...

What a great CONTEST!! The wheels are turning already!!

starrynightimpressions said...

Hmmmm, what will I send you for the basket?
Thanks pops, for detailing the contest so wonderfully. I think it's going to really get our cottage group out there in etsy land :)

simplydelicious said...

Sounds like mind is spinning with ideas of what to send for the gift basket! I'm definately in!!

Lora said...

I'll be sending something for sure!


BailiwickDesigns said...

I don't think I'm too late to send something to you... what a fabulous idea. And the "I love etsy" button is a fun idea too! ::Jill