Sunday, September 21, 2008

Our Friend in Need: GypsyMermaid

Hi everyone, hope you are having a wonderful weekend. I just
wanted to let everyone know that our CSSTEAM Friend
Sarah Huckman from lost everything in the
terrible storm known as IKE. She lost all of her crafting supplies
and everything else. As posted by (Lori : )
it would be a wonderful idea if we could all put together some
crafting goodies for Sarah if at all possible...I am sure she
would love it and it would be greatly appreciated. Here is the
address that Sarah can have mail sent to...also included is
her flickr account, her etsy shoppe and her blog. You can see
what kinds of goodies that she needs to create her art.
As always...thank you for being the best groups of fabulous
people i know! Take care...hugs...pops

Sarah Huckman
1551 Lake Lincoln Drive NE
Brookhaven, MS 39601

here is Sarah's flickr:

and her etsy shoppe:

her blog:


Carolyn, A Jersey Girl said...

My heart goes out to Sarah and so will any craft supplies I can put together for her. A good time to be cleaning out my craft room. Perhaps the items she receives from us will help renew her creative spirit

Alisa said...

I'll be sending her a box!

The Pumpkin Pink Cottage said...

I will work on gather items from now till the 30th and ship out a box, I'm so sorry to hear this..I hope she and hers are okay and doing well, hugs, lisa

Carolyn, A Jersey Girl said...

Just sent out a box to Sarah today. It weighed 1 1/2 lbs. so it was packed with a bunch of goodies. I hope she can use what I sent but I told her to let me know if she has specifics she needs.

pops said...

all of you girls are so wonderful! sarah is going to feel like it is her birthday a lot i think : ) i know that she has faced one of the most horrific times of her life...but her heart will be warmed by the love her friends are showing her...i am sending you all THANKS and hugs for being so special! i will be sending mine out on saturday. thanks once again and hey there jersey girl...from another jersey girl : )

take care...hugs...pops

Anonymous said...


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Gypsy Mermaid said...

OMG YALL ARE SOO KIND!!! I had a few minutes to check my email and things so I thought I would see what was going on in CST world. I didnt expect to see me on here! haha WOW this really REALLY touched my heart and I just want yall to know that I am always here for yall if you ever need anything. I might not be to great right now but when things get back to normal which they will!!! I will love to do anything I can for yall! were back at home now so if you want to ship things to me please ship them to my address in texas were staying in a temporary trailer for now its my hubbys work office. but its okay better then nothing huh!!! heres my address to texas
Sarah Huckman
11153 Bessie Heights Rd.
Orange, TX 77630

I just want to tell yall thank YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! god has blessed me more then I can ever imagine with sweet and kind friends and supporters who are here for me when things are crazy and tragic. BIG HUGS!!!!

yellow submarine said...

Its probably not a good idea to give your address out like that.

Denise said...

Prayers and thoughts going your way. You have a lovely shop.