Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Handing Off the Torch...

As many of you already know, I am very sweetly busy with my brand new marketplace, LolliShops...The froufrou friendly marketplace which you are all invited to apply for (if you haven't already and a lot of you have).

So, being as how I am so sweetly busy--I have decided to pass the torch of leading the Cottage Style Street Team, to a VERY responsible and capable member, Popalicious. I wouldn't just give this job to anyone--I really had to stop and think about who would step in with lots of ideas and a willingness to devote attention to the role.
We spoke on the phone the other day and my mind was 100% set at ease.
So from now on, she will be responsible for anything having to do with the Street Team. The best way to contact her would be through her Etsy Shop which I have already linked to.
I wish the team tons of continued success! I will be be keeping an eye on it and rooting for you behind the scenes...
(all blog posts from here on out will be written by Pops too)
Sadie Lou
( It's not really goodbye though--you all know where to find me!)


Sadie Lou said...

I also wanted to add that I won't be deleting my Etsy Shop and I will check on it but my main shop will be on LolliShops in the Fall. I will be doing a focused line of Betsy Girls there.

Christa from Chloe Rose said...

Thank you Sadie for the leadership and direction of the CSSTeam on Etsy. I wish you much success with Lollishops. I'm sure it will be successful.

I'm happy to hear that you've selected Pops to take over the rein of the team. She is a positive, talented, and dedicated member of the team.

Thanks Again,

Chloe Rose said...

Good luck and thanks!

starrynightimpressions said...

I knew eventually you would strike out on your own!! You have been a godsend for me when you got me so involved on etsy. I know you will still be around here and that will be fun. Can't wait to see all you do on lollishops, it is going to be amazing, like you!!!

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Well, isn't that nice!!! Pops will do a fabulous job as our fearless leader I'm sure!

Thanks so much for all you've done to get this group up and running SadieLou--you did a wonderful job and it's much appreciated! I wish you ALL success in your new venture--and we'll see you around!!

Smiles, Karen

Catnip Studio said...

Sadie, your commitment and leadership for CSSTeam was astounding and inspiring. I'm sure we'll all miss you and love to hear from you when you have a free moment (lol)!

Great passing of the torch to Pops!

Sadie Lou said...

I knew you would all be pleased with this choice--she is so dedicated and responsible and has a real love for the "look".

Lori said...

great choice Sadie Lou!!! pops is amazing, i always love how she works the thread...she will do a great job as leader!!! see you on LolliShops:)

T.Kenner said...

Best of luck to you, Sadie. You did a fantasic job for csst!
Much Love, Tami

Alisa said...

Thank you Sadie for all that you have done for the Etsy Team. I know that for me, you made my stepping into Etsy a smooth and easy one.

I am so excited about LolliShops and cannot wait to be a part of and see it take off the way I know it will.

Pops, you will make as outstanding of a leader as Sadie has... no doubt about it!

Hugs to you both,

SugarLoveHoney said...

Thank You for everything! I appreciate you checking in on me and I can't wait to get back into my "crafting saddle" again!
Your New Endeavor sounds so exciting!!! Best of Luck :)
Congrats Pop on your New Leadership Role with CSST!
Hugs & ♥

Gypsy Mermaid said...

sadie- thanks for everything you did for CSST!! You picked a wonderful person to fill your shoes! cant wait for Lollishops! hugs


pops said...

thank you for everything sadielouwho! it was a pleasure and i wish you nothing but the best at lollishops!!!!
sending hugs...take care pops!

celestina marie said...

Hi Sadie, thank you for your wonderful leadership with the CSST. You are fantastic and is sounds like you have cloned yourself on to very capable hands.
Best wishes with Lollishops always. Looking forward to it's start up this Fall.

I am having a giveaway on my blog. It would be an honor for me to have you stop by and leave a comment if you have the time.
Blessings always,