Monday, June 16, 2008

Cottage Style Street Team's Christmas in July!

One of our members wrote me an email this morning and it was so funny how we were totally on the same page!
Jenny, otherwise known as Be Cheery aka Lollipop Workshop suggested that the next promotion the CSST does should be a Christmas in July!
It was so weird because I was thinking the same thing!
I have been making Betsy Girls, getting ready for Christmas, and I would love to list some as part of a promotional event!
So there you have it! Now here are the details:

Start making some lovelies for Christmas and then we will all list our goodies on July 25th, 2008!
Tag your Christmas Creations with "CSST" "CSSTeam" and "July Christmas" Then we will be able to find all the wonderful CSST goodies!
I'm so excited!
I will be uploading the picture I used here in this post at the Cottage Style Christmas in July Flickr Pool. Feel free to use it on your blogs!
If you have any questions, contact me directly through Etsy or just ask in the comments.
Have a wonderful week!
~Sadie Lou


be cheery said...

Yay Sadie!! This is gonna be soooo much fun!!
I'm sooo excited!! (as she jumps up & down)


xoxo jenny

(...runs off to dig out holly berries & tinsel! )

mary said...

Oh, this is right up my alley. I have been working on christmas items, so I look forward to it.

Sadie Lou said...

I know! I have two really great ideas that I'll be doing--thanks again for contacting me Jenny!

TheTatums said...

Wow... can't believe we're thinking about Christmas already. I actually was before I got your invite to the Flickr group! Planning an advent calendar for our own family & smaller items for Etsy. Hoping sales pick up for Christmas!

Heidi ( said...

Yippee! Maybe we'll get some things done for Christmas early this year! Thanks for putting this together! I went ahead and listed one Christmas sign today!

KarenHarveyCox said...

What a great idea, and what a lovely badge. I was thinking about beginning to think about Christmas things for Etsy. I only began selling on etsy this January so I missed all the fun. Well count me in. Sadie, thank you for always inspiring everyone. Your gift is so appreciated. Karen

Lori said...

cute idea...hopefully i will have time to whip up a thing or two...

oh, and the flickr thing you sent was for the Christmas, not for the general flick pool {?}

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sadie will distract me from my birthday in July!
xxoo Denise

Alisa said...

Sounds like fun!

Jean Knee said...

sounds great, I hope I have time to whip something up